Disinfection Services

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Disinfection Services

We specialise in deep cleaning and disinfection with touchless technology, using electrostatic spray to kill pathogens or viruses.

We are currently working with:

☞  Care homes and nursing homes
☞  Offices
☞  Colleges and universities
☞  Restaurants and cafes
☞  Warehouses and industrial estates 
☞  Kindergarten and nurseries
☞  Other

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Our Service Advantage

Chemical we use is non-toxic and non-chlorine-based, so is both safe for vulnerable people and food safe. 
Multipurpose – use as a disinfectant and hand sanitiser
Ecological Product
No Alcohol
Non Toxic
Non Flammable
Works well with people with sensitive skin
Safe for Children
Appropriate for people with allergies
Food Safe

The disinfectant contains Hypocholorus acid (HOCl) which is one of the best known, most effective biocides. It is a chemical which is exactly the same chemical produced by the human immune system to kill invasive organisms such as viruses, and fight infection.

Our Motto

“We believe in the good health and welfare of all: you, your family, your employees and your clients”

More Info

Why is Electrostatic cleaning better than standard deep cleaning? The electrostatic cleaning method creates a static layer on surfaces, allowing for a superior layer of disinfectant solution to “stick” to microbes, bacteria and viruses. This 360° wrapping of the pathogens allow for an unrivalled level of decontamination, leaving surfaces protected for up to 28 days after treatment.

We use a cleaning solution which is 100 % safe, non-toxic, fragrance free, chlorine free and alcohol free, and can additionally be used as a hand sanitiser. It degrades/decomposes in a non-harmful manner by producing oxygen and water, meaning it is environmentally friendly.

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